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  • Pak Hamid – Geylang Briyani Stall

    Today, I had a craving for mutton briyani (again) for my lunch. This is the third time in two weeks. 🙂 I have few favourites and one of them is this Geylang Briyani at stall #02-146 on the second floor of Geylang Serai Market. Pak Hamid, the owner and the chef, is a very friendly […]

  • Shoot Whatever You Like However You Like It

    Shoot Whatever You Like However You Like It

    The beauty of photography is that it lets you explore and create whatever images you like. So this weekend I wanted to shoot the Singapore public buses at night. But I didn’t want it to be static. I wanted to create the sense of movement in the image, but I didn’t want to do panning. I […]

  • The Rituals

    The Rituals

    Shooting action at low shutter speed can add a sense of movement in the recorded images. The above photo was shot at 1/4 sec. Depending on the lighting condition, generally you can get low shutter speed by using low ISO and small aperture. It was almost 10pm at Geylang Serai when I shot this rituals […]

  • The Boss

    The Boss

    The Boss at Geylang Serai Night Market, shot with Leica M9 and Zeiss Planar ZM 50mm at f/2. Here is another one without the two ladies in the foreground.

  • Geylang Serai Night Market

    Geylang Serai Night Market

    Geylang Serai comes alive during the month of Ramadhan with many vendors selling foods, snacks, fabrics, carpet, clothes and many others. Temporary tents were set up to host these vendors and you should really come to enjoy the atmosphere of the bazaar. Forget Orchard road. Get sweaty and have fun. To cool you down, find […]