About Me

Hello, my name is Hendra Lauw and I am a Singapore-based photographer.

Started shooting in 2001, I like getting myself lost and wander freely in places I have never been before. It is my wonder about the culture, places and people that guides me, leads me and drives me further.

I won the Singapore Best Photography Blog Award in 2010, Best South East Asia Photoblog in 2007 and finalist for the Best Portrait Photography Photoblog in 2007, but what makes me happy the most is still when I am out there shooting, especially in places new to me. Though I am particularly attracted to people, nature and travel photography, I photograph anything to bring home and keep that piece of memory with me forever.

After my daughter was born, my passion for photographing children and family grew stronger and I decided to start Masakecil Photography in 2009 that focuses on outdoor and natural light family photography. In July 2020, Masakecil Photography was rebranded to become The Photograph, offering the same outdoor and on-location family photoshoot in Singapore for your family and extended / multi-generation family portraitsdog and pet photography, as well as family event photography.

Among items such as travels to exotic places, documenting my home country of Singapore and others on my bucket list, opportunities I am looking for also include:

  • humanitarian photography
  • Pope Francis’ photographer for a month
  • around the world with my iPhone
  • living with the nomads in Mongolia

After almost two decades as programmer and IT project manager, I finally quit may day job in 2017 to focus full time on my second career in photography related industry. So, happy to talk, hit that Contact button and if you are in Singapore, happy to chat over coffee too. I’d love to connect.

And yes, Instagram!!! Follow me also on my Instagram for some daily images, shot mostly on iPhone. Thank you!

Past Exhibitions.

Human and Nature
First Solo Exhibition by Hendra Lauw at OWG Art Gallery, Makati, Philippines
17 June – 17 July 2008