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  • Hazm – My Stranger No. 33

    Meet this cool guy with a cool Canon AE1 film camera. His name is Hazm (pronounced as Hazim) and he is my stranger no. 33. Hazm is an English teacher and he is a Singaporean. He is on his day off today. He told me his AE1 was loaded with Kodak UltraMax 400 and had […]

  • Nick and Megan – My Strangers No. 32

    Meet Nick and Megan from Gold Coast, Australia. They are my stranger no. 32. I asked them to be my models when I was sharing some photography knowledge with a friend this morning.

  • Ting Yi – My Stranger No. 31

    Her name is Chuang Ting Yi. She is my stranger no. 31. Ting Yi works as a nurse in a hospital in Taoyuan, Taiwan. She is currently in Singapore with a tour group until tomorrow.

  • Mirza – My Stranger No. 30

    Meet Mirza from Indonesia. He is my stranger no. 30. Mirza works as a tax consultant in Indonesia and is currently on vacation in Singapore. His office in Jakarta is not too far from where my office was when I was still working there.

  • Kristen – My Stranger No. 29

    Meet Kristen, my stranger no. 29. Kristen came from a place near Guangzhou in China and is on a solo vacation trip in Singapore now. She said her hometown is famous for chenpi (Chinese: 陈皮), or preserved orange peel. She is working in a fashion-related industry there, if I understand her correctly. After a long hiatus, […]