Waiting for Customers

Waiting for Customers

All photos taken using Leica M9 and Zeiss Planar 50mm ZM f/2 at Shivaji Nagar market in Bangalore, India during my June 2011 trip there. Enjoy the photos.

3 responses to “Waiting for Customers”

  1. Do you have a special post processing technique for the photos above? I just purchased the same Zeiss 50mm to be used on my M8. I would love to be able to have the same 3D look. I’m not sure if the M8 and Zeiss 50mm combination can do it. I hope they do.

    Awesome photos by the way.



  2. Really nice pictures. This series is a reminder of your style of photography I first got to know. Shooting in manual is really a challenge. I am struggling to focus a CZ 85mm F1.4 – I struggle even at F2.0…