Still life photography at home – a Turnip #1

Will this still life photo of a jicama or Mexican turnip also sell for a $1,000,000? Kevin Abosch is such a lucky guy.  🙂

I bought this jicama or Mexican turnip at a local wet market this morning after my breakfast there. As many of us do these days, we photograph our food before we eat them, hence I photographed this before my wife cooks it tonight.

I used a black cloth as the background, put it on the floor by the large window in my living room. I blocked the light coming in from the window on the left by drawing the curtains, hence creating a bit of shadow on the left part of the turnip. The large window on the right has white translucent curtains, hence it diffuses the light to make it softer. The turnip was placed on a small bottle so it did not directly sit on the cloth. Post processed in Lightroom to adjust the white balance and to make the black cloth completely black.

I may shoot more of these vegetable objects if I can find more interesting ones. Quite fun.

Still life photography by Hendra Lauw - a turnip #1