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  • Thank You!

    Thank You!

    Today, 30 June 2010 is the last day for the public voting for Singapore Blog Awards 2010. I would like to thank everyone who have voted for me for the Best Photography Blog category. A BIG THANK YOU to you all. I know some of you have also voted for me EVERYDAY and some of […]

  • Kbal Spean Waterfall

    Kbal Spean Waterfall

    Kbal Spean is located in Cambodia, about 90 minutes ride from Siem Reap and then another 45 minute uphill trekking. It is also known as the valley of 1000 lingas. When the water is low or none at all during dry season,  you can see clearly the beautiful carvings on the stones on the river […]

  • Alomost Late for School

    Alomost Late for School

    The school bell just rang when I saw these two students ran. They knew they would be late if they didn’t run. Photo taken at Po Langka Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • Back from Cambodia

    Back from Cambodia

    I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia in October 2009 and came back with an intention to fly there again one day as I was not able to spend enough time exploring the place under the right light. I did get a number of images I like, but I was hoping for more. So … till […]