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  • 100 Strangers Project – No. 2

    100 Strangers Project – No. 2

    My stranger no. 2 is a lovely couple. They are Matteo and Daniela from Italy whom I met in Bromo, Indonesia, in August 2010. Matteo said that he had been to many other places but had never seen something like the one in Bromo. They loved it and they were looking forward to be picked […]

  • 100 Strangers – A Photography Project

    100 Strangers – A Photography Project

    100 Strangers, that’s my new personal photography project I have been talking about. Shooting strangers is not new to me as I have done it a lot during my travels in the past. Some of those travel portraits of strangers can be seen below. I also wrote my top 10 travel portrait photography tips before, so […]

  • Mysore, India 2006 #1

    Mysore, India 2006 #1
  • 10 Travel Portraits Tips

    10 Travel Portraits Tips

    How can I take pictures of strangers while on holiday? Traveling always opens a world of opportunities for us to see many different things. Different foods, different landscape, different cityscape, different culture and many local peoples. What do you photograph the most? Some will say the cityscape and the landscape. Some will say they photograph […]