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  • People of Kishangarh Rajashtan

    People of Kishangarh Rajashtan

    People of Kishangarh, Rajashtan, photographed with Leica M9 and Voigtlander Color Skopar Classic 35mm f/2.5, except the last one, which was shot using Olympus E-P3  and 12mm f/2 lens. I stayed one night in Pushkar during my trip to India in October last year. My friend and I went out in the morning to Kishangarh, […]

  • f/1.2 at 112 Katong

    f/1.2 at 112 Katong

    Leica M9 and Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.2 ASPH V2, shot at f/1.2 in front of 112 Katong Mall. Do they rhyme?  🙂 I tried to convert the original color version to black and white and I like both, so here it is the black and white version.

  • Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year 2012

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone! May it be a year of great things for all of you. I shot the above image couple of days ago at Little India. I asked them if they would pose for me showing 2012 using their fingers and they agreed. I wish them a great 2012 and beyond. Thank […]

  • 100 Strangers Project – No. 15

    100 Strangers Project – No. 15

    His name is Robert V and he is my stranger no. 15. Robert came from Tasmania and spent his time traveling between there and Singapore. He is a member of the Singapore Urban Sketchers, a cool group who usually go on a monthly outing together to draw. When I met him, he was drawing a […]

  • 100 Strangers Project – No. 14

    100 Strangers Project – No. 14

    His name is Iain and he is my stranger no. 14. Iain, who is an engineer, came from Scotland and is now living and working in Australia. He was having his cigar and a glass of Scotch whisky when I saw him in Brisbane last Thursday night. I shot this with the Leica M9 and […]