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  • Giggles


    Children is one of my favorite subjects. I have mentioned here earlier that I started photoblogging since my daughter was born in 2005. While it’s nice to have children posing for you and looking at the camera, you can also photograph them while they are not. Shoot them while they are playing, laughing, giggling, sleeping, […]

  • The Man Behind the Camera

    The Man Behind the Camera

    When I was asked to submit my profile photo for the Singapore Blog Awards 2010, I was searching high and low in my archive. I don’t have many photos of me as I am usually the one behind the camera. But I found this one that I like a lot. It was a photo of […]

  • 10 Travel Portraits Tips

    10 Travel Portraits Tips

    How can I take pictures of strangers while on holiday? Traveling always opens a world of opportunities for us to see many different things. Different foods, different landscape, different cityscape, different culture and many local peoples. What do you photograph the most? Some will say the cityscape and the landscape. Some will say they photograph […]

  • 10 Children Photography Tips

    10 Children Photography Tips

    I am sure you may have other tips that work better for you and I am sure that there are more than just 10. But, I am sharing here what I usually do and hopefully this will help those who want to take better pictures of their children. Few of the tips below are applicable […]

  • Bi Titi

    Bi Titi

    Her name is Titi and she is a very kind person. She worked at the house where I rented a room during my university days in Bandung, Indonesia. I lived there for almost five years. She was standing at the door, in front of the kitchen and my room was just next to this kitchen. […]