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  • Geisha in Japan

    Geisha literally means artist or performing artist. They are professional who perform at the teahouses to entertain the customers. In Kyoto, where I first saw them in Gion area, they are called Geiko and the apprentice is called Maiko. You can start seeing them on the street of Gion making their way to the various […]

  • Lao Sai Tao Yuan Teochew Opera Troupe in Singapore

    “This is a dying art”, said Carine, the 7th generation Lao Sai Tao Yuan Teochew Opera troupe’s member who only started performing about 3 years ago. “In Singapore, there are only 4 troupes left. We are the oldest. We have been around for 152 years.”, Carine explained. Most of the senior artists in the troupe have been […]

  • Kampong Buangkok – the last surviving kampong in Singapore

    Kampong Buangkok – the last surviving kampong in Singapore

    I finally went to visit this place after knowing about it for few years. It’s the last surviving kampong in the modern mainland of Singapore. The place is very accessible. It’s off Yio Chu Kang road, near the Church of St. Vincent de Paul and it’s already surrounded by high rise apartments and newer landed […]

  • Chinese Opera – Backstage Shots

    Chinese Opera – Backstage Shots

    These backstage shots of the Chinese Opera were taken about two months ago in Little India during the hungry ghost month. I was allowed access to the backstage by the kind lady who prepared herself to go on stage. What a joy! All shots with Leica M9 and Minolta M-Rokkor 40mm f/2. Enjoy the photos.

  • Sharing Space with the Dead

    Sharing Space with the Dead

    As I walked further inside, I saw rubbles. They looked like they once belonged to a house. I also saw people selling snacks, candies, cigarettes and food. I heard music from somebody’s room or house. I caught a glimpse of TV program being watched by someone in their living room. I saw women washing clothes. […]