My 36th and 37th Strangers

My 36th and 37th Strangers are from the Philippines. They both work in Metro Manila. Rosemary is a physiotherapist and Vanessa is an accountant. They were completing their last day of vacation in Singapore when my wife and I saw them yesterday. Vanessa actually offered if I needed help to take a photo of me and my wife together when they saw us. So, I give her the credit for breaking the ice first.  🙂

All the best to you ladies. Maraming salamat po!

Both images were shot in DNG raw format on iPhone 6s and Olloclip telephoto lens using the Adobe Lightroom Camera. Colour grading done in Adobe Lightroom Mobile on iPhone.

100 stranger project - by Hendra Lauw

Rosemary, my stranger no. 36.

100 stranger photography project by Hendra Lauw

Vanessa, my stranger no. 37.

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